About Jim and Laughter Yoga

My name is Jim P. Twomey and I am the creator of Peace for You.  I was born in Tucson, Arizona, USA in 1963.  I graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science Degree in 1985.  I have been in the business field.  I started leading people on hikes by this time.  My beloved parents passed on in 1995 and 1997.  I completed Self-Expression and Leadership, Communication and Advanced Communication courses through Landmark Education in 2002.  Sophie Jacob and I were married in 2004.  Hooray!  Sophie is a terrific healer (wherehealingbegins.com).  Some friends and I created the Tucson Laughter Club in 2004.  This was the first laughter club in town.  Our group was studying Laughter Yoga, by Dr. Madan Kataria, in 2004.  I became a Certified Laughter Leader in 2005.  Steve Wilson of World Laughter Tour gave me this recognition.  I began leading groups in laughter in 2005.  We created World Laughter Day in Tucson in 2005 and 2006.  Our son Patrick was born in the summer of 2008.  I became a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader in May of 2012, thanks to Gita Fendelman.  I studied One on One Laughter Yoga Coaching by Dr. Madan Kataria.  I had my first 4 one-on-one coaching students in October of 2012.


I am blessed with a wonderful wife and son, many friends, and lots native animals around our home.  We see Gambel’s Quail, Northern Cardinal, Cactus Wren and Desert Cottontail daily.  Laughing and deep breathing helps keep me very healthy.  And my wife is a terrific healer.

I am committed to peace in the world and to supporting my family.

Making a difference in people’s lives is very fulfilling for me.  I love people, enjoy being around them and love to laugh with them.  I am able to experience tranquility on a daily basis and I want to share that with other people.  Integrity is very important to me.  Laughter Yoga has added to my good sense of humor.

I don’t have a PhD.  I do experience peace and happiness on a daily basis and I’d like to share that with you.

It would be an honor to support you in enjoying your life!

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi